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Optometrist at Bob Ham Eyewear


At Bob Ham Eyewear, we put your vision first. Our eyes are a sensitive thing, and it is pivotal to have regular eye exams from a professional optometrist. Cataracts, diabetes, and glaucoma can all lead to blindness if not diagnosed and treated early on. Not all of these have symptoms that are easily detected by a patient.

Our experienced optometrists will also evaluate your vision and provide prescriptions for glasses or contacts when necessary. Many people may have trouble seeing long distance, short distance, or both. Individuals who use a computer frequently may also be more prone to eye issues, as they tend to strain or exhaust their eyes.

If you are experienced loss of vision, eye discomfort, other eye issues, contact Bob Ham Eyewear today. Don’t take chances with your vision, blindness can be prevented, schedule your eye exam, today.


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